Sunday, 5 June 2011

Earn in Your Online Life

Internet has become such an indelible part of our daily life that it has divided our 24 hours a day span into offline and online lives. Of course, for us grownups, our offline time (the time we aren't on Internet) contains that very important task, around which, lies the very foundation of our respectable existence in the society, i.e. earning livelihood. Job, business, freelancing etc, approaches may be different but the end goal of all is same, earning money to support oneself and dependents. While most of us use Internet on daily basis, it hardly crosses our mind that among other things we can use it for generating extra income too.

With that in mind, the focus of this blog post as the name suggests, is on ways through which we can generate decent extra income for our self. Once you embark on this journey you will note that online method provides you the scope of earning either actively or passively. Hold on! Passive earning???

Yes my dear friends and I am referring to one of the most used method in the online world. I am talking about ads. Google Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika etc are all great examples of ad providers if you have a website or a blog whereas Amazon Associates, ClickBank are good examples of product advertisement & making earnings this way. I say passive in a sense that in generating income through ads (adsense) or product marketing (amazon) you have to rely on others. You can place your ads in all the right places, select appropriate products for marketing, use twitter, facebook etc for promoting your blog or website but if no one clicks on your ad or buys the product you present on your site, well, let's put it bluntly, you won't make a dime.

This brings me to the other form of online income, i.e, active earning. Again, I say it active because here, your own efforts are responsible for cash generation. Whether its taking surveys, reading emails, categorizing items correctly or searching / fetching right info from the web, if you have done your task correctly,  voila, you earned your self some cash. The only qualm I have about sites claiming to offer such opportunities is whether they are legitimate or scam.

At least, my experience tells me that most of them are scam and they work on a pattern where:
  • You are promised thousands if not millions
  • Entire energy is focused on making tall claims and putting exquisite and attracting sentences rather than providing straight to the point info.
  • Asking to pay first even before you are sure what you are getting into. This may lead to a possible exposure of one's credit card number.
  • Finally (the thing I hate most) their site gives you an impression as if it is maintained by some nameless faceless drone. On top of it, you will find comments of some John Doe / Jane Doe from lala land endorsing that website and telling how it changed their life and turned them into a Mini-Me version of Bill Gates.
So, is there a site which doesn't promise me millions & don't try to impress me with vague promises?  Well yes. You can see their banner right below and I believe you must have heard their name as well, Inbox Dollars.

I am also relatively new to their site and I feel satisfied enough to recommend their site to you. Don't worry folks at least I am not some faceless, nameless drone promising you millions. If you are reading this than you are definitely on my blog. So my friends, if you feel confident to give them a try and find out for yourself about how you can take benefit from what they offer than please feel free to click here.

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